iRacing: My future

So I got myself up to a C licence in both road and oval. What next?

I’ve had a great time racing. The sim is fantastic, and being able to race against real people is great. Having spent some time, I think the sim is worth the standard monthly cost (although getting a discount wouldn’t hurt)!

However… to continue on to C-class racing (or D, even) requires another payout – for a driver who has spent nothing so far, it’s around $150 for a car and tracks for a single season. If you stick with the same car, there will be new tracks to buy each season, too. A switch of series would mean more money on cars. And this is for a single season – what if I want to run both road and oval?

I know that this gets better as you pump money into the sim… once you own tracks, you can switch around series and not have to spend so much. Buying at least 6 items at a time gives a discount, and once you’re up to 40 items there’s a further discount.

I think it would be worth this extra expenditure… if I had more time. But with a full-time job and a family, the time I would get to spend in the sim is minimal, and it seems like an awful lot of money to spend for such little time.

So for now, that’s my iRacing career done. I would be willing to drop some money on the requirements for an enduro at some point though. I’ll be back in the future, I’m sure!


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